Deborah Lippmann DIY - Lead
Credit: Courtesy

It’s almost September, which means we’re just about ready to swap our bright summer nail polishes for moodier tones. To take our cool-weather ensembles a step further, though, we’ll be trying our hands at a gradient glitter manicure with a little help from one of our favorite nail gurus, Deborah Lippmann. The gorgeous look she created for us (above) is not only perfect for fall, it’s also easy to achieve at home. To master the effect, be sure to prep with the pro’s 6 genius tips for a long-lasting manicure, and then follow her step-by-step guide below.

1. Apply a thin layer of base coat and allow two minutes to dry.

2. Apply one coat of a deep berry shade (Miss Independent, $18; to the bottom half of your nail, from the cuticle to the center.

3. Add a brick red hue (Respect, $18; to the rest of your nail, from the center to the tip, making sure to gently cap the tip of the nail.

4. Apply a horizontal stripe of gold glitter polish (Can’t Be Tamed, $20; where the berry and red meet. To create the gradation, use leftover polish on the brush to drag glitter in either direction to blend.

5. Swipe on a top coat to finish, making sure to cap the tips of your nails to prevent chipping. Wait two minutes to dry fully and enjoy!

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