Credit: Alexander Tamargo/Getty

There's no denying that The Chainsmokers have racked up quite a bit of success. But, with all of their fans, also come their critics.

The EDM-pop duo, who has churned out hits like "Closer" and "Don't Let Me Down," have taken some heat for putting out songs that supposedly sound nearly identical. Rather than outright bash the EDM-pop duo's music though, YouTuber John Fassold decided to take a different approach, posting a video he labeled "How EVERY Chainsmokers song is written".

Delving into the theory that the band uses the same chords in every song—and random lyrics—Fassold uses everything from Febreeze to Tide to Champagne for inspiration as he comes up with Chainsmokers-inspired songs right off the top of his head.

"So ... basically you want to find lyrics that talk about how hard it is to be white and in love," Fassold quips."My theme is going to be champagne ... and you want to make it sound like you're edgy, but not so edgy."

Then, he starts crooning songs, singing, "We drank champagne when we were young ... I know that you weren't the one," before bursting into laughter. He also says that he suspects that the group picks nouns from a "random noun generator" website that he shows on the screen, and that they use whatever noun pops up for inspiration for their lyrics.

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He also grabs a bottle of Tide detergent from a closet to help give him some ideas for another song, which he soon sings afterwards. "Your hair reminded me of Tide detergent when we were young," he croons.

It's all in good fun, of course, but, perhaps Fassold is on to something ...