4 Ways to Create the Perfect Binge-Watching Space

How to Binge Watch
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There's nothing better than a good binge-watching session. Picture it: It's Saturday afternoon, Netflix just dropped a brand new season of your favorite show, and the forecast calls for must-stay-inside-all-day thunderstorms. That's about as close to heaven as it gets!

To truly get the most out of your binge-watching experience, we asked Emmy-nominated set decorator Amy Wells how to get our living room ready for an extended viewing party. Wells, who is responsible for some of the exquisitely decorated sets from Scandal, Mad Men, Clueless, House M.D., and A Single Man, was happy to pass on her four steps to creating the perfect binge-watching space. Read on and tune in.

1. A Comfortable Couch Is King

If you're truly serious about your binge-watching, you need to invest in a great couch. "[Your] number one [priority] is a really comfortable couch with soft pillows that you can sink into," Wells suggests. "Don’t buy cheap pillows that spring back. You don’t want your pillows to fight you!" She warns.

Just because pillows are inexpensive doesn't mean they're cheap. Wells has a favorite place to treasure hunt when it comes to home accessories: "You can buy great throw pillows at places like HomeGoods—in fact, that’s where I got a lot of the pillows for Olivia Pope’s apartment."

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2. Cuddle Up with Plenty of Blankets

"Secondly, you want to have plenty of throws," says Wells. [Have] at least one for each person that’s watching," she suggests but always have extras on hand. What's a binge-fest without a snuggly blanket?

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3. Skip the Coffee Table (Really!)

For major binge sessions, Wells suggests something radical: getting rid of your coffee table. "I’m a big fan of substituting an oversized ottoman for a coffee table," she says. "If you’re sitting for long periods of time you’ll want somewhere comfortable to prop your feet up, but then you can throw a tray on top with snacks!" Which brings us to...

4. Plan for Major Munchie Sessions

"Snacks are key to maintain your binge-watching stamina," Wells insists. Who are we to argue? Make sure you appease your crowd by having plenty of both salty and sweet snacks on hand.

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