Makeup Hoarding
Credit: Getty Images

There's a fine line we constantly walk between having a well-stocked makeup collection and having to call A&E's Hoarders, professional organizer in tow, to help sort through the growing product pile slowly taking over our living quarters. If your perfume collection looks more like you've robbed the entire Bloomingdales fragrance department and you're constantly running out of space for the new additions you may or may not need (spoiler alert: you probably don't), consider this your official intervention. Makeup hoarding is a very real issue plaguing vanities and bathrooms across the globe, and we've put together a comprehensive guide to determining if you are a beauty hoarder—and more importantly, how to get rid of the clutter without calling in a reality TV crew.

You Have 18 Different Lipsticks in the Exact Same Color

Or, if not lipstick, eye shadow, nail polish, or any other staple in repeated hues throughout your makeup bag. We get it completely—whether stockpiling 50 shades of nude or red is your thing, there are bound to be slight variations between the colors and finishes, but real talk, you're probably the only one who actually notices. Pull the shades that get the heaviest rotation out of the lineup and stash one or two in your handbag for easy access so you can work on finishing those first, and slowly make your way through the rest. Before picking up another product in your signature shade, question whether or not you already have its dupe in your arsenal, or better yet, swipe the one tucked away in your bag on your hand alongside its potential competition. If you can't tell the difference between the two colors, or they're more similar than they are different, pass on it.

Buying More Shampoo Before Finishing Your Current Bottle Is a Common Occurence

Of course, there are times you'll want to pick up the newest launch before your trusted bottle of Kerastase runs dry, but when you're constantly tripping over half-used bottles on your way into the shower, it may be time to reevaluate your product lineup. Start cutting down by removing all of the bottles that are close to being full, and work on emptying out the items already halfway there. Set ground rules for yourself on just how many shampoos, conditioners, hair masks, and body washes are allowed to reside in your shower, then apply the same method to the lotions and hair styling products throughout your house.

You Hold Onto Products Well Past Their Sell-By Date

Sure, that Y2K-era tube of Urban Decay lipstick certainly has sentimental value, but as it reaches its sweet sixteen, it definitely isn't safe to use anymore. Not only is it taking up space in your makeup bag, but it becomes a breeding ground for bacteria and can cause an infection. As a general rule of thumb, toss out any products that you've held onto for over a year, as well as any that have taken on an unnatural tint or weird scent.

And Alternately, You Have Countless Products That Haven't Been Used

Ever pick up a killer green eye shadow with the intent to go boldly into the neon eye trend, only to stick to the same Naked 3 palette as before? Impulse beauty buys typically make up the bulk of our product hoard, but luckily, they're the easiest to get rid of—you don't have that emotional attachment to the product, and chances are, your makeup-obsessed BFF would be willing to trade one of her untouched shadows for the one you don't need. Crack open a bottle of rosé and invite the girls over for an evening of beauty swapping, or look into a site like eDivv, which allows you to sell your old products for a profit, or cop another user's staples in exchange.