How to Take the Perfect Accessories #Selfie

Accessorie Selfie - Lead
Photo: jfisherjewelry/Instagram

You just scored those covetable Gucci loafers, and before they inevitably get scuffed, you want to capture them in all their glory with an accessories #selfie. You carve out a few minutes before dashing out the door, put your best foot forward and try out a few backbending angles. You feel like an absolute fool. The worst part? When you go through your camera roll, you realize that you do, in fact, look like an absolute fool.

So you wonder, "How do Instagram style stars do it?!" We took a closer look at some of the best accessories 'grams out there and put together a comprehensive how-to for all the snaps you'll ever want to take.

The Back of the Seat Shot

Accessorie Selfie - Backseat
margaret__zhang/Instagram (2)

Calling all beginners: This is easiest picture of all. Simply stage your handbag and other extras on one side of the back seat of a car, sit back, swing your legs up, and gently rest your feet beside your other goodies. Writer and photographer Margaret Zhang (above) is a pro.

The Luggage 'Gram

Accessorie Selfie - Luggage

For a unique photo op (you know, not the kind when you have your friend take a pic of you pulling your luggage through the airport terminal), place your baggage in front of you, take two steps back, and fill in the empty space with a prop, like a passport, boarding pass or kickass wallet. You'll look just like Chiara Ferragni of The Blonde Salad.

The "I Have The Latest It Bag" Pic

Accessorie Selfie - Handbag
songofstyle/Instagram; somethingnavy/Instagram

Bags are best photographed when they are resting on something (versus hanging from its strap), which makes for a perfect excuse to show off the rest of your look. Simply place your handbag on your lap, raise your arms slightly above eye level, keep your phone straight, and tap, tap, tap away. Look to Aimee Song of Song of Style (above, left) and Arielle Noa Charnas of Something Navy (above, right) for inspiration.

The View from the Top

Accessorie Selfie - Everything
somethingnavy/Instagram (2)

If you're not standing in the middle of say, the Palace of Versailles, odds are that the floor beneath you is pretty lifeless. To nail a not-so-basic outfit photo, shoot your look from the midriff down. Slightly tilt the part of your phone that's closest to your body upward to capture that killer ensemble. Arielle Noa Charnas of Something Navy (above) has it down pat.

The Jewelry Selfie

Accessorie Selfie - Jewelry

In order to steer clear of a floating arm, wrist, or hand, you need to give your followers context by showing more of yourself in the frame. Jewelry designer Jennifer Fisher (above) nails it by placing her arm across her chest. Check out her Instagram (@jfisherjewelry) for more jewelry selfie inspiration.

The Fancy Footwear Photo

Accessorie Selfie - Shoes
giizeleoliveira/Instagram; somethingnavy/Instagram

Getting the perfect shoe shot is the trickiest. You need a view from the top and the side of the shoe. Model Giizele Oliveira (above, left) and Charnas of Something Navy (above, right) always ace this. You need to sit down on a flat service (a.k.a. not your down comforter, that always looks messy), shift your weight to one hip, and lightly rest one leg on top of the other. Your knees should be touching, and your feet should never be parallel since you want to fill in the frame as much as possible.

The Shoe 'Gram Part Deux

Accessorie Selfie - Flowers/Dogs
giizeleoliveira/Instagram; margaret__zhang/Instagram

If all else fails and the traditional shoe selfie just isn't working out, take a cue from Giizele Oliveira (above, left) and Margaret Zhang (above, right) and include a dog or some pretty flowers in the shot, both of which are major double tap bait!

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