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Feeling awkward in front of the camera? Well, you're not alone. For many of us, taking a good picture has become the ultimate struggle. For help, we turned to a few of our favorite experts—Chiara Ferragni of The Blonde Salad, Jacey Duprie of Damsel in Dior, Danielle Bernstein of We Wore What, and Aimee Song of Song of Style—to figure out what really goes into their perfect Instagram feed.

We chatted with these four Insta-famous stars and learned that even some of them are camera-shy. “Contrary to popular belief, and you’re going to think this sounds crazy," Duprie tells InStyle, "but I do not love having my photo taken at all." Below are nine blogger-approved tips that will make a world of difference the next time you step in front of a camera.

1. Before taking a picture, think about the colors you are wearing and the background.

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Credit: Instagram/songofstyle

Song says she always considers three things: the angle, composition, and lighting.

2. The best time to take a picture is either sunrise or sunset.

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Credit: Instagram/weworewhat

3. Have fun in your pictures; do what feels natural.

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"Don’t think too much," Ferragni says. "The best pictures come naturally."

4. Most times, an authentic non-forced smile is best.

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Credit: Instagram/chiaraferragni

"I think just a genuine juicy grin wins," Duprie says.

5. For those of us who don't like smiling straight on, looking away or looking down should be your go to.

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Credit: Instagram/songofstyle

6. When trying to take the perfect candid picture, try to laugh or think of something funny that will make you laugh.

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Credit: Instagram/weworewhat

Bernstein notes when she is trying to look candid, "I stand straight as if I'm not paying attention, or walk toward the camera."

7. Positioning your body at different unexpected angles makes for an interesting picture.

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Credit: Instagram/damselindior

"Standing at a slight angle can make a person look more slimming,” Song says. Duprie says she prefers sitting on the floor!

8. When it comes to face positioning, everyone is different.

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Credit: Instagram/chiaraferragni

"Looking into the camera creates a special eye and soul contact," Ferragni says. While Duprie suggests "looking at photos of yourself you like the most and then trying to replicate that over and over again."

9. Use VSCO Cam.
The free photo-editing app is a favorite among all three. Duprie mainly sticks to F2, while Bernstein loves H1 or H2. VSCO Cam also uploads photos into a grid as you edit them, so you can see what your feed will look like beforehand.