By Sheryl George
Nov 01, 2015 @ 6:15 pm

Did you know #Manicure has more than 5 millions posts on Instagram? If you want to get in on the action, check out these tips on how to take a flattering shot of your next mani. #YoureWelcome

Brighten Up
“Natural lighting is key,” says N.Y.C.-based nail pro Miss Pop. “Get near a window, or go outside. Sunlight always makes hands look better than indoor lighting.” 

Consider Your Background
Try propping your hands against interesting fabrics to add a little texture and color to your shot. You can use everyday items like your sweater, wallpaper, or even throw pillows. Just make sure the colors aren’t so bold that they distract from the manicure itself.

Go Beyond Instagram Filters
“Don’t be afraid to use a Photoshopping app,” says Miss Pop, who relies on FaceTune to help smooth out any imperfections (like a snagged cuticle).

Upgrade with Accessories
We love stacking rings or statement bracelets to add even more eye candy to your shot.

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Get Close
“People are afraid to get close up,” says Miss Pop, who suggests tightening the crop of the shot to show your fingers from the knuckles on up. You can also try holding an object so your hands aren’t awkwardly positioned. Even just wrapping your fingers around the nail polish bottle can help your fingers look more relaxed.

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