How to Style Your Hair After a Workout

Post Workout Hair Lead
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"Greasy and messy" is usually more synonymous with post-workout hair rather than "polished and cool." We know you’ve got things to do after that spin class, so we chatted with hairstylist Riawna Capri to get her take on looks that are chic but require no more than a blowdryer and product or two. While the styles she created here may have debuted on the red carpet, you can whip them up in a locker room in no time.

Angular Top Knot
If your hair is limp and a bit flat post-gym, pull strands into a high, super-tight ponytail and secure with an elastic. You can use water or even a dab of body lotion to help pull back your hair and get it super-sleek, says Capri. Section the tail into two pieces and cross them around the base of the elastic to create a bun and secure with pins. Leave an inch or two of your ends hanging out, and twist them so the tips face outward and upward. “That creates visual interest,” says Capri, who gave Julianne Hough a similar look (above).

Twisted Pony

Post Workout Hair

If you hit the treadmill with a ponytail, elevate it by first giving strands a quick blow-dry to wick away moisture, says Capri. Once hair is dry, spritz dry shampoo (Capri loves Elizabeth and James's version which contains a fragrance strong enough to disguise any odors, $28; from roots to ends for volume. Then rake back hair and tie into a ponytail. Loosen the tail and create a “hole” between the band and scalp; take the tail and lift it up then tuck it into the hole, pulling it through. It basically creates a twist effect atop the ponytail that looks so cool, says Capri. Just check out a version she gave Nina Dobrev, (above). Make sure to pull out some pieces on the sides so its looks effortless and modern.

Basketweave Bun

Post Workout Hair
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Whether it’s deep and to the side, straight down the middle, or running in a zig-zag pattern (as seen on Julianne Hough here), a deliberate part can add a lot of drama to a look, says Capri. To score a low bun like this, use a rattail comb to create a zig-zag part along the center of the head. “You’re going for a basketweave effect,” says Capri. Then smooth your hair down around your head and tie it all together at the base of your neck into a little knot.

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