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Whether you’re spending the warmer weekends camping in the wilderness, or your idea of getting out into nature is brunching outdoors, mosquitos will likely cramp your summer style. And since nothing in our closets goes well with swollen, red bug bites, we asked Dr. Jonette Keri, a dermatologist based in Miami, for some best practices to heal and conceal the unsightly spots.

Plan Ahead

The same way you slather on sunscreen before heading outside, it might be a good idea to apply a bug repellent, even when you don’t think you’ll be in high-bite conditions (like dusk, dawn, or near areas with standing water). "Mosquitos can bite at any time," says Keri. “I like children’s insect repellents because they contain a lower percentage (10% or less) of the insecticide DEET.” If avoiding chemicals completely is more your scene, try a natural alternative like the Honest Company’s Bug Spray ($13,

Soothe the Sting

Over the span of the summer, at least a few mosquitos will leave their mark. To soothe the immediate irritation that comes with a bite, Keri suggests trying ice, which can help reduce swelling. You can also grab an over-the-counter relief stick like Bite MD ($4,, which contains the topical anesthetic benzocaine and camphor, both of which Keri suggests for immediate relief. Alternatively, apple cider vinegar can be applied topically as an at-home solution for itching, says Keri.

Cover Up

Mosquito bites can’t hold down your packed schedule of outdoor events, so when it’s time for the next BBQ or brunch, use a calming lotion like Dr. Hauschka’s Revitalizing Day Cream ($43,, which contains calendula to soothe and heal, says celebrity makeup artist Suzy Gerstein. Choose a creamy, full-coverage concealer that best matches your skin tone or blend together different shades from a palette like pro-favorite Cinema Secrets Foundation Palette ($28,, until you create your perfect match, says Gerstein. “If the bite is very inflamed, you may need to use a shade that is slightly darker than your skin, which will make the bump appear flatter.” Apply with a tapered concealer brush, let sit for a few seconds, then stipple into skin with a sponge.RELATED: Relieve Itchy Bug Bites with These Home Remedies