Three InStyle editors were put to the task to comb a store, pluck the best of the best, and assemble a winning top-to-toe look to reflect their personal style. Read on to learn about their thought processes, their shopping strategies, and their outfit breakdowns for their Topshop challenge.

By Andrea Cheng
Updated May 27, 2015 @ 8:30 am
Topshop - Lead
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Get the look of our editors' Quay sunglasses at Topshop (pictured above, from left): Metal cat-eye sunglasses, $30; Cat-eye sunglasses, $35; Wayfarer sunglasses, $26;

Wendy Wallace, Market Director

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Her personal style: "I own a lot of pencil skirts and tie-neck blouses. These days, I'm into the monochromatic trend—it's modern and extremely flattering."

Her outfit breakdown: "Naturally, I gravitated toward a sleek black leather pencil skirt, and then I went for, you guessed it, a tie-neck blouse, but a gray vest caught my eye. It streamlined my look and created a nice continuous line. For shoes, I turned to these gray python heels (flats tend to make me feel frumpy) to give my look a sexy edge."

Shop her look: Duster coat, $150; Sleeveless jacket, $80; Boxy tee, $48; Mini skirt, $230; Court shoes, $110;

Ali Pew, Senior Style Editor

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Her shopping strategy: "I'm a really fast shopper. I am really specific and I know what I like. I have a routine for every store I walk into: I do a fast sweep and grab things I like. My rule of thumb: If I don't want to walk out of the store wearing it (with the shoes I'm wearing!), then I won't buy it.

Her outfit breakdown: "I'm really into wide-leg pants for summer. They are so comfortable and they look really chic with flat slides. I saw the pants and long vest and knew it would work for me (I like the long, lean silhouette from pairing the two together). And topping it all off with a minimalist bag in blush gave the neutral palette a feminine touch."

Shop her look: Tunic, $70; Belted vest, $130; Striped wide-leg trousers, $75; Tote bag, $50; Gold pool slides, $30;

Mia Solkin, Market Editor

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Her personal style: "My style is either super boyish or really girly, depending on the season. I either want to be in a cute fitted dress or all in straight lines."

Her outfit breakdown: "I've been in a denim kind of mood, and I especially love pairing denim and navy together—it's a way to break up denim without veering off the look. I broke up my trio of denim pieces (the utilitarian jacket, distressed boyfriend jeans, and tunic) with a statement navy sweatshirt. I finished off my look with for my go-to shoe of choice: white sneakers."

Shop her look: Oversize denim shirt, $65; Lover sweatshirt, $58; Jacket, $80; Distressed jeans, $80; White sneakers, $35;