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Jennifer Ferrise
Jan 14, 2016 @ 7:30 pm

The Oscar nominations were released today and now the real race begins—to see all of the year’s best movies before the envelopes are opened. But with theater ticket prices hitting record highs, not to mention the practically obscene cost of a popcorn and candy combo, binging on The Revenant, Room, and The Big Short, can become quite the splurge.

My secret? Movie Pass, a subscription service that lets you see a movie a day for a monthly fee as low as $30. And since many of the year’s most critically-acclaimed pictures are still in theaters, now is the perfect time to sign up.

The way it works is simple. After you join, download the Movie Pass app to search for films and showtimes at nearby participating theaters (93 percent of theaters nationwide are included, like Regal, Cinemark, and AMC). Then, you’ll receive a Movie Pass debit card in the mail, which serves as your form of payment at the theater.


Once you arrive, check in with the app and use the card to buy a ticket at the box office. New releases and 2D screenings are all up for grabs and there are no blackout dates to work around.

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One movie a day not enough? Then try the ultimate binge, AMC Theatres’ 24-hour Best Picture Showcase, which runs all eight films nominated for best picture back-to-back on February 27, the day before the Academy Awards. Now the only thing left to do is crush your Oscar bracket.

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