How Dannijo's Danielle Snyder Redesigned Her Apartment—Without Buying a Single Thing

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We love Dannijo designer Danielle Snyder's cool-girl aesthetic, so when we heard that she revamped her N.Y.C. apartment, we had to take a peek. Needless to say, the results were Pinterest-worthy, but here's the best part: she didn't spend a dime on her new look. "I wanted it to feel homey yet still airy and open, so I incorporated interesting indigo throws and recreated furniture I already had, like an old peach chair covered in African textiles I found at a flea market," Snyder explains. "I have an incredible antique mirrored bar, prison guitar, and Lucite coffee table, so I made sure the space highlighted those key pieces."

To help her re-think and re-arrange her favorite pieces, Snyder worked with Noa Santos, co-founder and CEO of Homepolish, the New York-based startup that connects users with interior designers at reasonable prices. "For someone as creative as Danielle, I wanted to help her craft a space that inspired her and fed her artistic drive," says Santos. "I wanted her to be surrounded with items from her travels or artful endeavors."

Read on for his tips on how to breath new life into your existing pieces, and to have your own peek inside Snyder's redesigned space.

Comb Your Home for Meaningful Accessories

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"Accessorize with what you have in your drawers," says Santos. "The pieces that bring you joy, whether they're fashion accessories or traveling finds, make for great decor material because they come with a story."

Arrange Items in Prime Numbers

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"Styling is one of the most important factors in creating a 'magazine-ready' space," Santos says. "Rather than spreading items out evenly around the house, group them into vignettes on side tables or on the bar. I like to group things in prime numbers—three, five, seven, etcetera—so there isn't a precise symmetry, but rather a thrown-together casualness."

Layer Your Rugs

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"If your floors aren't your favorite, use a larger sisal or jute-base rug (read: less expensive) to cover a larger area and layer smaller rugs on top of it to add pattern, or color, or both," he says.

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