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How to Properly Put Away Your Boots for Spring And Summer
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After the winter we just had, it'll be really nice to put away those heavy boots. Before you just stash em though, take a few extra steps to put them away properly, this way they're good and ready to brave the weather next year. It's really not hard at all, here's what you do:

Give those boots a nice scrub down. They're certainly covered with salt stains, scuff, and muck, right? The salt stains can be removed with a soft-bristle toothbrush and a solution of water and vinegar. Once you've tackled all the salt stains, use a leather cleaner to clean any remaining spots.

Deep Condition—specifically your leather boots—to be done immediately after you clean them. Make It Do recommends Dr. Martens Balsam, and I can personally attest to the benefits of using this specific polish—I use it on my Docs all the time.

Have them repaired. Instead of waiting until next December to fix any damage that your boots have sustained, take care of it now. Don't wait for the first big snow to realize that you can't even wear your boots until you've taken them to the shoemaker.

Stuff them. Before putting your boots away, stuff them with either a shoe tree or newspapers so that their shape is maintained. Make It Do also suggests adding rolled up magazines to help keep the boot's shaft standing upright.

Deodorize. You can either purchase a shoe deodorizing spray, or fill a sachet with baking soda.

Lay them to rest. Storing boots upright is ideal, but if you are planning to store them in bins, make sure you lay the heaviest ones down first. Lay a cloth or old tee between every pair, or place them into a dust-bag.