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When I first moved to New York City for college, I spent all my money on two things: textbooks and bandages. Being a student, I'd anticipated the former, but never would have guessed I'd be buying Band-Aids in bulk. But as I hoofed around the city sidewalks in admittedly not-so sensible shoes, they became as necessary as my Google Maps app.

If only I had known about Compeed Blister Cushions back then. Commonplace in Europe, these particular blister-blocking stickers are brand new to the U.S., launching next month in Walgreens stores.

Blister Embed
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So, what are they? Think a bandage, but better—each sticker is essentially a cushion encircled by adhesive. Eager to break in a new pair of pointy-toe flats, I tried one this weekend. As soon as I noticed painful rubbing on the side of my left foot (where a blister would likely be forming within the hour), I placed the sticker over the affected area. I used the medium size—though smaller versions are available for areas like in-between toes—and found it covered with no problem. And, not only did the built-in cushion instantly relieve my pain, but unlike other products I’ve tried, this sticker actually stayed in place throughout the day.

Even if you're past the point of preventing a blister, these little guys will come in handy. Place a sticker firmly over your already-formed blister and leave it in place for a few days (yep, it’ll stick that long). It's made with breathable material that keeps natural moisture in and germs out, allowing your skin to repair the blister as quickly as possible.