The One DIY Trick That'll Save Your Hair Color from Chlorine

Woman Poolside
Photo: Getty Images

Things we love about summer: sunny days, cookouts, and hangin' in the pool...but green-tinged strands? Not so much. Chlorine can damage hair and fade color (both natural and dyed). As a remedy, we've often heard stylists suggest saturating strands with regular tap water before taking a dip so that less chlorine will enter the hair shaft. Do we always remember to pre-rinse before diving in? Nope. In those cases, we employ this tip from N.Y.C. colorist Beth Minardi: Grab a bottle of club soda, then douse hair from roots to tips. "The effervescent bubbles not only refresh the scalp, but they help to effectively dilute and carry away the chlorine sticking to the hair. The soda's bubbles are actually washing away the chemicals," she says. If you're a frequent swimmer, we also suggest coating your hair in a moisturizing cream before hitting the deep end (we like Philip Kingsley Swimcap Cream, $38; to help prevent the damaging effects of chlorine and salt water.

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