How Olivia Palermo Is Going To Spend Valentine's Day-- It's Not the Way You Think!

Photo: Steven Chee & DLM

Olivia Palermo and Johannes Huebl have been together since 2008 and wed last August in a romantic ceremony in the countryside of Bedford, N.Y., and yet they're perpetually in the honeymoon stage.

We recently spoke with Palermo to get the scoop on the couple’s gorgeous La Mer campaign, and quizzed the tastemaker on upcoming plans for their very first Valentine’s Day as a married couple. While the holiday can place unwanted pressure on any relationship, the couple takes a refreshing (and adorable) approach when it comes to displaying their love for one another.

"Oh, Valentine’s Day … we don’t just celebrate one day, we kind of celebrate it all year. We really try to be respectful and enjoy each other as much as we can," she tells InStyle.

"Usually for Valentine’s Day I’m in London, or I’m just about to get on the plane to fly to London for the shows, so most likely that will be happening again because the month of February is my birthday, and that’s also fashion week," Palermo says. "Johannes understands. He always gets me beautiful flowers."

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