How Often To Get A Facial
Credit: Getty Images

Professional facials are a relaxing, not to mention pricey, experience, so it's easy to think of them as something you indulge in only once in a blue moon. Believe it or not, though, their sole purpose isn’t to help you unwind. They also play a big role in keeping skin healthy, youthful, and most importantly, fresh.

Think of facials as a “spring cleaning” for your skin, says Vanda Serrador, a facialist and body care expert for The Body Shop. “We need a hands-on cleaning to remove buildup of makeup, dead skin, and impurities from the environment,” she tells InStyle. And while practicing good skin care at home is important, you shouldn’t skip seeking professional help. Letting a trained esthetician go in and purify your pores, Serrador says, gives your complexion a chance to start over and allows active product ingredients to better penetrate the skin.

So, how often should you plan to hit the spa? According to Serrador, once a month is the magic number for facials—if you don’t suffer from breakouts or other major skin issues. “If you do have problematic skin, you might have to do a course of treatments close together to heal the problem and then you can go once a month to maintain,” the pro says.

If you’re concerned about what regular facials will mean for your wallet, there are a few ways to make expensive treatments a little more few and far between. “Look into having a healthier lifestyle,” Serrador suggests. “Exercise, use better products, or use less makeup.”

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