How Often Should You Really Switch Out Your Razor?

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Every time we end up with an ingrown hair or ten, the blade on our trusted Venus goes rusty, or manage to cut up our leg in-shower to the point our bathroom mirrors a suite from the Bates Motel, the obvious question arises: How often are we really supposed to be changing out our razor? While some recommend to switch out your cartridge every 5 to 10 showers, depending on how often you shave, this could mean as frequently as once a week. Considering how expensive refills or even a pack of disposables can be, this move is not particularly cost-effective, or environmentally friendly, for that matter. Just like your skin care regimen may differ from that of your BFF's, the amount of times a razor should be swapped varies from person to person.

Those who shave daily or have thicker hair may notice that their blades go dull much quicker than those who are on an every-other-day schedule. When it comes down to it, there is no set number, though at the first sign of any tugging, discomfort, or rust forming on the blades, pick up a new one immediately to avoid any unwanted nicks. Extend the life of your razor by storing it outside of the shower to reduce the risk of any rust, and after each use, make sure to completely rinse all shaving cream from the blades. Then, place your tool in an upright position, and allow it to dry completely.

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