How NBC's Smash Is Involved in Donna Karan's Leggy New Video

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Jack Davenport and Anjelica Huston don't just play friends on NBC's Smash, they're real friends in real life. That's why Huston called upon her pal to star in Haven't We Met Before, the new short film she directed for Donna Karan's Evolution hosiery collection, and together they debuted the result at Donna Karan's Urban Zen store in the West Village over the weekend. "If she says jump, I’ll say how high?" Davenport told of how he got involved with the film, which he had agreed to after Huston asked him on the set of Smash. "It’s always nice to work with someone you work with in one capacity, and see them working in another one. It was as lovely as I expected it to be." For the film, which you can watch above, Huston focused on the sensuality of the legs—it is for hosiery, after all!—casting Felicity Jones as the love interest to Davenport. "She's so easy, beautiful, easy, the perfect girl," Huston added. As for her Smash buddy Jack? "He's a particularly handsome one and talented one, so it seemed like looking a gift horse in the mouth, as it were," she said. "Not that I would ever refer to him as a horse," she joked.

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