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Chuck Lorre is the mastermind behind Two and a Half Men, The Big Bang Theory, and Mom. So when Sadie Calvano, who stars as Anna Faris's daughter and Allison Janney's granddaughter on Mom, needed a letter of recommendation for college, she knew just who to ask: her boss, Lorre. After all, it was Lorre who gave the 17-year-old her first big TV role, and she considers him a father figure of sorts.

Calvano stopped by InStyle's offices this week to talk about the show, which wraps its second season April 30 (watch it Thursdays at 9:30 p.m. ET on CBS), and she told us about approaching Lorre with the big request. "I was shaking when I asked him," she reveals, adding that she memorized her speech in advance. Luckily, Lorre said yes—and was more than happy to help Calvano continue her education. "He said that he would be honored to write it," she says.

Calvano didn't get to see the letter (it's confidential, after all!) but we can only imagine that she got a glowing review. "He assured me that it was very positive," she says. Whatever he wrote, it worked: Calvano is heading to Occidental College in Los Angeles in the fall. "I'll be in school part-time and living on campus," she shares. "I'm really excited about it." And she already has a few visitors lined up: her co-stars, Faris and Janney. "They check in with me all the time, and are planning to come visit my dorm in college just so they can see where I'm living," Calvano says. "We've kind of built this amazing family off-camera, and since they both went to college, they were really pushing me to go."

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But don't worry, Mom fans. Calvano's character, Violet, will still very much be a part of the show. "We have a pretty stable schedule, so I know when I'm working and can plan my classes around that," Calvano said, adding that Lorre did have a few terms of his own when agreeing to write her the letter of recommendation. "I promised him that I would be staying local and that the show would take first priority," she recalls. "But I explained that education was also really important to me."