How Mad Men's Costume Designer Dressed Betty Francis for Her Hair Makeover

Mad Men Costume Designer Janie Bryant
Photo: Michael Yarish/AMC (2)

“It was so crazy!” Mad Men’s costume designer Janie Bryant said of the hair makeover Betty Francis (January Jones) debuted on last night’s season six premiere. It’s a sentiment the fans felt, too—we were as surprised as her husband to see her “Elizabeth Taylor” look!—which is why we found out how the costumes played into this transition moment. “Because she walked in with a new hair color, I put her in a color she’s never worn before,” Bryant said of the vintage berry suit worn by the character. “I bought the suit couple years ago and was waiting for the right moment, for the right character to be able to wear it. This was the perfect moment. It still tells the story of Betty being the politician’s wife, but it’s a shift for her.” So, does this mean more looks like this to come? Perhaps: “It’s interesting to just play with being able to try different colors for her costumes,” Bryant noted.

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