Marianne Mychaskiw
Oct 15, 2015 @ 11:30 am

Chalk it up to work, an extended-hours Hinge date, or a Netflix bender spent watching all five seasons of Friday Night Lights, but we've all been in that compromising position of staying up way too late, only to get a few hours of sleep before the bell (or alarm clock) tolls. A pro on putting the beauty into the term "beauty sleep," we caught up with makeup artist Kayleen McAdams (and Rachel McAdams' sister, NBD) at the launch event for BeautyRest's hybrid mattresses and DiamondLuxe pillows to find out how to look more awake, even if you're running on fumes. First things first, avoid the urge to pile on the concealer. "You don't want to wear a ton of makeup because it's the morning, so it's more about the subtle things you can do to brighten your face," she tells us. "The more powdery or cakey your skin is, the more tired it looks, but when you have a lit-from-within glow, the effect is much more youthful."

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McAdams recommends using a lightweight concealer with skin care and brightening properties like Onomie's ($26; to cut down on the product lineup, and focusing on opening your eye area with a few pumps of the lash curler and your go-to mascara. "Lashes are so important, and you always look awake when you have nice, curled lashes," she says. Then, concentrate soft washes of color on your lips and cheeks, which creates a put-together appearance with minimal effort. "I'm a big fan of lips all the time, whether or not you got any sleep, because I think it's a great 'look over here!' distraction," she says, noting the Fresh Sugar Lip Treatments ($23 each; as some of her favorite products. "They give you that color without it being too much, and to look more awake, you need something that with a natural and fresh finish that can still brighten your face." From there, you can allow your hair to assume the top knot position, and let your venti double-shot latte take the wheel.

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