How to Look Good During Allergy Season

Allergies post- Dior Addict Lipstick Tie Dye Edition
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While warmer Spring weather can usher in higher hem lines along with gorgeous blooming buds, it can also bring blotchy skin, red eyes and puffiness. Ring any bells, fellow allergy sufferers? We recently went to a Zyrtec soiree (yes, they exist) where we caught up with celebrity makeup artist, Jamie Greenberg, and scored some tips on how to deal with "allergy face."First, spread a dab of a green tinted corrective primer like Maybelline New York Master Prime Blur + Redness Control Weightless Blurring Primer ($10; over your whole face. The pale green tint helps cancels out redness and allows your base to go on smoothly, especially over areas of roughness (like your nose after blowing it for the umpteenth time), says Greenberg. Then dot on a creamy liquid concealer over red spots, like under the eyes, around the nose and by the mouth. “Drier formulas can highlight texture issues and exacerbate dryness and flakes,” says Greenberg. Try one of our favorites, Urban Decay NAKED Skin Concealer ($28; which contains light diffusers and sodium hyaluronate to retain moisture. When all else fails, a minimalist eye is a chic preventative solution for watery peepers. While preventing streaks with a waterproof mascara is a no brainer, some formulas used regularly can dry out lashes over time, says Greenberg. She recommends applying your original favorite and following up with a second waterproof coat (we like Eyeko Sport Waterproof Mascara, $24; to lock the formula into place. “The first coat safeguards lashes from getting too dry,” says Greenberg. Lastly, make your major move by applying a bright poppy lipstick. “Bold lips distract and draw attention away from your allergies and symptoms,” says Greenberg. This creamy watermelon hue, Dior's Tie Dye Edition in Fuschia Utopia ($33; is in our current line up.

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