How to Look Glam Instantly (Even on a Monday Morning)

Glamorous by George
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As a fashion expert, celebrity stylist, and the co-host of E!’s 'Fashion Police', George Kotsiopoulos is a pro at spotlighting what looks good on women, both on and off the red carpet. In his new book, Glamorous by George, he deconstructs all the style essentials to help women feel beautiful on the inside and out, and live the glamorous life of a movie star without breaking the bank (yes, please).

As it turns out, we all have the capacity to look like a Hollywood darling every day of the week, even if you just rolled out of bed on a Monday morning. “You never know where life is going to take you, so is it really that much more of an effort to throw on a pair of sunglasses or a great coat, or a little bit of lipstick before you head out the door?” Kotsiopoulos tells “I’m not saying you need to wear your stiletto heels to drop the kids off at school, but just ditch the yoga pants and put on jeans.” Voila.

Want to have great star style every day? Add these four wardrobe staples to your closet:

A great cocktail dress. "I always tell women when they're shopping they should be asking themselves, ‘Where am I wearing this?’ If you have no answer to that question, then don’t buy it – unless it's evening wear," he says. "In that case, buy it, because if it’s the perfect cocktail dress, you will always have an opportunity to wear it."

An arsenal of coats. "A coat is something that never really goes out of style," he says. "A great coat is something you will always have."

Those perfect-fitting jeans. Jeans are crucial, says Kotsiopoulos. "We all have that moment where we can't find anything to wear—you need to have that pair of jeans [in your closet] that no matter how horrible of a day you’re having, you look good in them," he says. "That’s a basic must."

A collection of heels. "You need a great black heel, a great nude heel, and a couple different shades of metallic heels," he says. "When in doubt, you can wear the cooler metallic or the warmer metallics. A lot of women don't realize that a black heel doesn't go with everything. Nude doesn’t go with everything, either. Metallic, however, pretty much goes with everything!"

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