How Long Will It Really Last: No-Fade Lipstick

Can a lip gloss still shine after dinner and drinks? Can a volumizing spray keep roots from deflating through two nights of restless sleep? We challenged the claims of five long-lasting beauty products in our June issue. Find out if this smudge-proof lipstick went the distance.

No-Fade Lipstick - Lead
Photo: Time Inc. Digital Studios

The Contender: No-Fade Lipstick

Rimmel London Provocalips 16HR Kiss Proof Lip Color in 310 Little Minx, $7;

Time Claim: 16 Hours

How It Works: Inside one end of the tube you have a colorful gel with flexible polymers that locks onto lips. The other end holds a waxy, emollient topcoat that shields the surface and provides moisture.

Our Tests Revealed: Yep, our results blew right past 16 hours and clocked in at just under a day. Our tester applied it before her afternoon tea, and then had dinner and a shower before bed. After waking, her husband asked, "Why do you already have lipstick on?"

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