Can a lip gloss still shine after dinner and drinks? Can a volumizing spray keep roots from deflating through two nights of restless sleep? We challenged the claims of five long-lasting beauty products in our June issue. Find out if this spray-on deodorant went the distance.

Dry Spray Deodorant
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The Contender: Dry Spray Deodorant

Dove Dry Spray Antiperspirant, $7;

Time Claim: 48 Hours

How It Works: A 20 percent dose of aluminum chlorohydrate stops underarm perspiration and foul odors. There's zero water or alcohol in the formula, so it feels dry after application and never leaves residue.

Our Tests Revealed: There was no odor from one morning to the next, but one tester gave herself a touch-up on Day 2. "I loved that I could put on a black shirt after spraying—no chalky stains." Another tester smelled fresh throughout the second day.

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