Can a lip gloss still shine after dinner and drinks? Can a volumizing spray keep roots from deflating through two nights of restless sleep? We challenged the claims of five long-lasting beauty products in our June issue. Find out if these lash extensions went the distance.
Liquid Lash Extensions
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The Contender: Liquid Lash Extensions

Physicians Formula Eye Booster Instant Lash Extensions Kit, $15;

Time Claim: 24 Hours

How It Works: Two formulas (a thickening mascara and one with invisible fibers) create a false-lash effect. The polymer-rich mascara forms a glossy, crunch-free film onto which fibers adhere. A second coat of mascara seals the deal.

Our Tests Revealed: After applying it in the a.m., one tester saw a few errant flakes before bedtime, but lashes still looked lush the next morning. Another thought the system left lashes nice and full "but not as long as I typically like."