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After seasons of wearing barely-there necklaces, teeny stud earrings, and ultra-skinny stackable rings, we're ready for a new look. We turned to style icons, like Carrie Bradshaw and Rihanna, for a heavy dose of inspiration and found exactly what we needed to pull us out of our jewelry rut—layered statement necklaces to complement our basic tees and cotton dresses. Needless to say, we've been pleasantly surprised with how wearable our fashion experiment has been in the heat and how it's transformed our warm-weather uniforms. Here, shop our five favorite combos to get you started and keep you looking cool.

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We recommend layering with the rule of three. Limit yourself to three statement necklaces at a time to create a unique look and to prevent tangles. We laid down the foundation with a major piece, like this from Dylanlex, and added simple silver pieces, like a skinny collar and a longer, delicate pendant for a unique look. This trio pairs best with jeans, a white T-shirt, and live music.

Shop the pieces: Dylanlex crystal necklace, $810; APOP skinny collar, $41; Eddie Borgo long pendant necklace, $225;

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We've all been feeling the '70s trend, and what better way to embrace it than a stack of sexy gold necklaces. We suggest layering multiple collars and adding one lariat as the focus for a chic statement. To channel your inner Bianca Jagger, wear with a long-sleeve jumpsuit and a plunging V-neckline.

Shop the pieces: Jennifer Fisher knot choker, $495; Fallon lariat necklace, $125; Anndra Neen double collar necklace, $525;

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For a more Carrie combination, opt for a Victorian-inspired cameo choker, add a long locket, and pair with a string of onyx beads (to mimic the look of rare black pearls). The balance of these three lengths—neck, the collarbone, and right below the bust—makes for just the right accent to a LBD.

Shop the pieces: Patricia Field pearl cameo choker, $18; Tarina Tarantino necklace, $35; Tiffany & Co. onyx necklace, $600;

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Who says statement necklaces have to be heavy and oversize? Not so with these three delicate chain options that keep your new look modern. Buying a ready-made layered piece provides the perfect foundation to build upon with a simple bolo-style option. Add a zipper necklace for extra texture and a blazer to make this work-ready.

Shop the pieces: Miss Selfridge multi-chain necklace, $10; Mateo New York zipper necklace, $98; Loren Stewart bolo chain necklace, $295;

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When in doubt for jewelry inspiration, always look to Elizabeth Taylor, who made wearing rows and rows of diamonds feel completely natural. Follow her lead (without breaking the bank) by choosing colorful gem necklaces. Add one personal piece for an unexpected twist. Of course, we think this is perfect poolside, but would really stand out with a new white dress...and maybe a new husband.

Shop the pieces: Ca & Lou crystal necklace, $250; Tom Binns necklace, $488; Eleanor Kalle pendant necklace, $95;