This Is What Kendall Jenner Packs in Her Carry-On Bag

Photo: Presley Ann/Getty

If you've ever been curious how models pack so many outfits for fashion week, wonder no more. Kendall Jenner is here to set things straight.

The model shared her packing tips on her app, and now we know exactly how she travels in style.

"I'm so used to packing that I have a perfect method. A weekend trip is super easy, but when I'm going away for longer—like Cannes or Fashion Month—that's a different story," she wrote. "I end up shipping a lot of clothes beforehand and then I'll bring two suitcases with me. In the past, I've gotten more things on my trips (like purchases I make and gifts from designers), so I've had to buy extra suitcases, lol."

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While most people packing for a trip don't buy additional suitcases, trying to pack too much into one bag can create a dilemma. Jenner knows this firsthand.

"Sometimes, though, I get nervous that my checked bags are too heavy! Some airlines won't let you bring them if they're over 50 pounds," she wrote. "Then, I always have a big carry-on, with stuff like moisturizer, snacks, a cell phone charger and headphones."

This model-ready carry-on list is worth copying.

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