The 3 Things Your Hair Needs in the Shower

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Lather, cleanse, repeat – you know the drill. While a standard shampoo is fine most of the time, incorporating treatments like a scalp scrub or a hydrating mask could give your strands a much needed boost. Here's how to upgrade your hair game:

Once or twice a week: Deep conditioning mask
If you color your hair or pick up a hot tool more than once a week, then you need a deep conditioning mask in your arsenal. Loaded with more oils and butters than your typical conditioner, a mask delivers tons more moisture to parched ends, so your blowout looks shiny, not fried. Apply the moisturizing formula and let it penetrate for a few minutes. We like Pai-Shau Supreme Revitalizing Mask ($43;

Once a week: Clarifying shampoo
Strands can hold on to product build up from the styling products you use daily. A clarifying shampoo (Try Pantene Deep Cleaning Purifying Shampoo, $4; contains stronger cleansing agents that deep clean strands more effectively than your regularly suds. The formula will help remove residue, minerals, and oils, so strands are left squeaky clean and bouncier than usual. Keep in mind, you should limit use to once a week—since they aren't mild, using more often may drying on strands.

Once every two weeks: An exfoliating scalp treatment
You use a facial scrub to get rid of dead skin, right? Likewise, all that dry shampoo action and styling-product overload can clog follicles on the scalp. Massage an exfoliating treatment (we love Kérastase Gommage, $44; kerastase– to clear the scalp of debris once a week.

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