Sarah Hyland Visits the Hawaiian Tropic Escape Event
Credit: Sara Jaye Weiss

The secret to Sarah Hyland’s flawless skin? Keep it simple. The Modern Family star divulged her minimal face-washing routine when we caught up with her last week at Hawaiian Tropic’s Escape Station (she’s the ambassador)—and we were surprised at just how easy it is. “To start, I use Neutrogena makeup remover wipes ($9;” she said. “Then I put on Dior’s Capture Totale Dreamskin Moisturizer ($115; Then, I put on sunscreen. And that’s my face.”

That’s it, three steps? “Yes, and I only do it once or twice a week,” she said, noting that she sometimes uses a face brush the shower (if she remembers!). “I’m really bad with my skin, actually. I sleep in my makeup a lot because I forget to take it off.” Luckily, she doesn’t break out. “I think it’s because my skin is used to it.”