Hilary Duff
Credit: Jeffrey Mayer/WireImage

Not only does Hilary Duff consistently don standout street style ensembles, but she also has a flawless complexion to top it off. When we caught up with the star, she wasn't shy about sharing how she achieves a blemish-free face—and we're letting you in on her skincare secrets.

"I take all my makeup off and wash my face every night," Duff told InStyle at the launch of Established Jewelry by Nikki Erwin at Soho House West Hollywood. "I use Polish by Dr. Lancer ($75; every day. He's my dermatologist and I’m obsessed with him, and he saved my skin when I was pregnant because there are so many things you can’t use anything and I have horrible breakouts."

And, Duff follows up with products that keep her face hydrated: "I also use a lot of oils—I think that just massaging your face and using serums has changed my skin for the better," she said. "After I turned 25, I notices my skin changing a lot. The later I stay out or the more I drink, it shows on my face. You’ve got to tend to it more and more and more!"

But the actress wasn't the only star to come out to support the new jewelry line. Gwen Stefani, Ashley Benson, Rachel Zoe, Demi Moore, Molly Simms and more were also on-hand to gush about Erwin's debut collection. "I think the line is beautiful," Stefani shared. "I like diamonds, and you don't have to do much with them for me to love them. It's so simple and beautiful." And Duff agreed: "The piece are edgy, but feminine. There’s something for everyone, and I feel like you could wear it with anything."

—With reporting by Brianna Deutsch