Halle Berry
Credit: Gilbert Carrasquillo/FilmMagic

The secret to Halle Berry's radiant skin? Consistency, a lot of love, and a little help from her DIY facial kit. "My routine of taking care of my skin is always the same. I use a cleanser, toner, moisturize, then use eye cream," she tells "I also like to do facials from Red Carpet Facial ($145; I have to do my Red Carpet Facial once a week." The three-step system incorporates a peel, hydrating neutralizer, and oxygen mask, which firms up your skin and minimizes the appearance of pores. Don't be thrown off by the word "peel"--though the formula uses both lactic and malic acids, the duo will only give your complexion a gentle exfoliation, meaning you won't end up in a Samantha Jones chemical peel situation a la Sex and the City.

"When you take care of your skin, you have a nice, beautiful palette to put makeup onto," Berry says. "I find that the makeup goes on better, lasts longer, and wears better. You can actually get away with wearing less when you've got a good palette to start with." In addition to her regular routine, the star also mists her face with rosewater before applying makeup, and if she's going bare-faced, she'll stash a bottle in her car for a mid-day spritz. She adds: "I'm constantly changing, evolving, and aging, and I want to stick with what works for me and my skin now."