Lara Spencer & Debra Messing Visit "Extra"
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This month, it will have been nine years since NBC aired the last episode of Will & Grace—but you'd never know it by looking at Debra Messing's flawless complexion. The actress, Zyrtec spokeswoman, and self-professed beauty obsessive, who captivated us for years with her title character's rampant neuroses, pretty much looks like she's been Benjamin Buttoning for decades (as evidenced above).

So when we recently caught up with Messing to discuss her new part as a homicide detective on NBC's The Mysteries of Laura, we were vying to find out her skincare secret. And to the surprise of no one, she takes face washing very seriously. "I'm very strict about washing my makeup off at the end of the day—it's my rule to never go to sleep with it on," she tells InStyle.

Debra Messing Skincare
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To do the deed, she enlists the help of Cindy Crawford's anti-aging skincare line, a brand that she represents. "Meaningful Beauty's Skin Softening Cleanser ($30; is my favorite product of all-time," she adds. "It's very gentle and takes all your makeup off in one fell swoop." In the event of any residuals around the eyelids, she grabs a Q-Tip and applies a stronger eye-specific makeup remover. Hey, if it works for Messing, it works for us.