How I Met Your Mother Hints at Big Reveal, Justin Timberlake Revamps MySpace, and More!

Lunchtime Links
Photo: Fox; Getty Images (3); CBS; Courtesy of Twitter

1. Will the mother in How I Met Your Mother finally be revealed? We can hardly contain ourselves. [Entertainment Weekly]

2. The Social Network's Justin Timberlake has taken his role to heart and revamped MySpace. Hey, he brought sexy back... [The Hollywood Reporter]

3. Mandy Moore will star in a new sitcom and we're totally on board. This is like TV "candy," people! [Vulture]

4. Find out what Michael Kors, DVF, and more would do if they weren't designers. [Fab Sugar]

5. Miley Cyrus is stirring up some drama with Ashton Kutcher on Two and a Half Men. [Huff Po]

6. Kim Kardashian and Mercy—the new Karl and Choupette? Say it ain't so. [E!]

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