Brows - Lead
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Fact: Eyebrows can either make or break your entire look, and if your arches have been defined by a too-light concealer or highlighter, they take on a contrasting, cartoonish appearance that won't exactly allow you to claim the title of being on fleek. Still, we're not knocking the method. When done right, cleaning up around the edges of your brows with concealer (just as you would with red lipstick) is a foolproof way to hide any smudges from excess powder or pencil, and impart a high-definition finish. In four easy steps, we outline exactly how to carve out your brows without giving off the dreaded "floating arch" effect.

1. Start by picking up an angled brush like Anastasia's ($18; and dip it into Zoey Van Jones Brow Powder Duo ($22; or the fill-in product of your choosing. Sculpt out your desired shape, then use the spoolie brush to comb through and evenly distribute the product.

2. Pick up a concealer or palette like Lancome's ($38; that is an exact match to your skin tone, and use a flat brush to carve out the top portion of your brow, and square off the beginning. Blend the concealer into the rest of your skin until the line is undetectable, then pick up the spoolie brush again and diffuse the lines at the front portion to mix the powder and concealer, creating a natural-looking gradient.

3. With the leftover concealer on the brush, sweep a small amount under your arch to define the shape, and blend out using your finger. If you choose to add an additional highlight, we recommend going for one with subtle shimmer like Touch In Sol's Light Bright in License to Kill ($21;, a warm rose gold that flatters all skin tones.

4. Seal your handiwork in place with a clear or tinted brow gel. We love Urban Decay's new Brow Tamer Flexible Hold formula ($20;