By Olivia Bahou
Feb 15, 2017 @ 11:30 am

Gigi Hadid is one of the hottest supermodels of the moment, but she's here to remind you that she's far from flawless. The Reebok #PerfectNever ambassador tells all on her fashion week prep, and reminds us that despite her fierce runway walk, she still has "human qualities."

"Before I walk, I'm usually just trying to think of what the designer wants from me in the show, whether that's an energy or getting into the music or calming myself down with breathing. Something like that, just focusing on what my job is for that day," she says in the video above.

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"You have to go to work ready to block out everything that's outside of your work environment. So to be able to change a channel in your mind and to be able to separate your thoughts and kind of just focus on what you're doing at the moment," Hadid adds, showing off her flexibility in a Reebok cropped hoodie ($60;, mesh leggings ($50;, and training shoes ($90;

"Because my job is focused on the way I look, people assume that that means that you don't have human qualities to you, so I hope that everyone can kind of see that that's the point of all of this, is that it doesn't matter. We're not perfect."

There you have it folks: Despite appearances, Gigi Hadid is no robot.