Lemon Water - Lead
Credit: Time Inc. Digital Studios

Whether you're suffering from water weight or carb overload, nutritionists say that working three key foods into your diet can help you deflate faster.

Spike Your Water
Squeeze a quarter of a lemon into a cup of water and you've got a super-simple way to ward off bulges, says nutritionist Christine Avanti. Recent studies show that incorporating this daily dose of vitamin C into your diet can lower your chances of developing abdominal fat. Try tucking lemon wedges into a flavor-infusing bottle (above) ($15;

Add Some Avocado
Before you hit pulse on your Vitamix, toss an avocado into your morning smoothie, suggests Avanti. A study by the American Diabetic Association finds that foods with monounsaturated fatty acids can reduce belly fat. One ounce of dark chocolate, 16 almonds, or 10 olives can deliver the same benefit.

Snack on Asparagus
Use the natural diuretic properties of this veggie to help you flush away excess water weight and bloat, says N.Y.C. nutritionist Brooke Alpert. A healthy serving of about 12 stalks does the trick, and the effect should be noticeable in about one or two hours, she says.

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