Olivia Palermo - Lead
Credit: Getty Images (2)

Behold the chicest solution to spring’s muggy weather: Olivia Palermo’s voluminous, windswept braid. Instead of fighting your flyaways, you can use them to your advantage like the star. Here’s how hairstylist Lacy Redway created the look.

First, Redway prepped Palermo’s hair with an application of Big Sexy Hair Volumizing Gel ($18; from roots to ends to pump up the volume before blow-drying. Since clean hair can often be too sleek and slippery to braid, the pro then rough-dried the star’s strands, which offered texture and grip while also adding to the lived-in feel.

“I then started off with a [three strand] French braid, and once I got to the middle of the braid, I finished off with a four strand braid to add a little more pizzazz,” she tells InStyle. She secured the end with an elastic and finished off with a spritz of Serge Normant Meta Luxe Hairspray ($25; to lock the style in place.