How to Get a New Look: 8 Easy Ways To Shake Up Your Style

Shake Up Your Style
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Part of loving fashion is loving change. The nature of fashion is that it’s constantly evolving and growing; there are (at least) two seasons a year that designers constantly fill with new creations, and more if you count Resort and other special one-off collections. For many of us, this equates to a longing to change up our standard look—but that can be quite a challenge. The key is knowing where to start: identify what precisely is making you feel unsatisfied with your current look, and go from there. Is it your lack of color variation? Is it that you hide behind loud prints and patterns? Do your clothes not fit you well? Are you buying lots of cheap stuff instead of a few quality pieces? Ask yourself some basic questions, figure out what’s causing your discontent, and then you can proceed. Once you have an idea of what you’d like to change, click to get some quick, easy tips on how to shake up your style from there. The path to a newer, more stylish you is much less complicated than it seems.

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