How To Get Glowing Skin All Year Round

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Cozy knits, robe coats, ‘60s shifts – these might be on-trend for fall, but a healthy, radiant complexion is flawless, no matter the season! And it all starts with a hydrating skincare system like La Mer. Here, In Style Style Ambassador (and La Mer devotee) Tai Beauchamp reveals her top five rules for maintaining glowing skin, all year round.

It's never too soon to start pampering your eyes

As you get older, lines and wrinkles start to appear – especially around the eyes. Keep your skin looking young by attacking the issue before it starts! “In their early twenties,” says Beauchamp, “women should get into the habit of wearing a nourishing daily eye cream, like La Mer The Eye Concentrate. It’s all about preventative care.”

Drink your greens, every day

For the healthiest skin, it’s important to supplement great skincare with a clean diet – so load up on veggies and tons of H20. “I drink about a half a gallon, daily,” says Beauchamp. “Water, as well as nutrient-rich green juices blended with kale, cucumber, or spinach, will help clear and brighten any complexion.”

Give your skin a mid-day quench

Dehydrated skin is unhealthy skin. A surefire way to score a luminous complexion is with constant hydration. For quick touch-ups during the day, Beauchamp swears by La Mer The Mist, a fine, marine botanical-infused spray that moisturizes and revitalizes blah skin (and it doesn’t muss makeup). Instant dewy perfection.

Take a day off from makeup

As In Style’s Style Ambassador, Beauchamp makes several TV appearances a week – complete with heavy makeup. The result? Flakes and clogged pores. “Thick layers of cosmetics kill the natural radiance in your skin,” she says. “A couple of times a week, wear only moisturizer, some mascara, maybe a little blush and lipgloss. Let your skin breathe!”

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