6 Ways to Get Fit and Look Fab in Your Halloween Costume

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It’s officially October, which means it’s also officially time to start dreaming up that brilliant Halloween costume. We realize that some of those costumes have little coverage (we're talking to you, Kim Kardashian), so we’ve got the tool kit to get you into stellar shape just in time for that skin-baring Halloween costume. You’ve got 30 days; time to focus.

1. Ditch the Excuses
First and foremost, you've got to commit to a healthier lifestyle. "Excuses won’t change your body, so remember that when you are about to make an excuse not to work out," says Derek DeGrazio, celebrity trainer and managing partner of Barry's Bootcamp South Florida.

2. Clean Up Your Eating Habits
"Eat clean and green," says DeGrazio. "If you don’t think you should eat it, then you probably shouldn’t. Be smart about what you put into your body."

3. Amp Up the Exercise
Exercise at least three times per week in order to see results in time for that ab-baring costume. "Mix in both cardio and strength training, as both are important," he says. "Think of it as the ‘Big 3': Eat right. Lift weights. Do cardio."

4. Mix up Your Routine
If you've already been slaving away at the gym, but just aren't seeing the results, it's time to reassess. "Change things up!" says Keri Glassman, celebrity nutritionist and founder of The Nutrition School. "Your body adapts to the same exercise, so don’t get stuck in a rut. Add new weight training moves. If your a spinner try a rowing class, or if you are a runner try an HIIT workout to confuse those muscles and burn more calories. Keep things shaken up."

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5. Cut Out the Sugar
“Not just candy corn!” says Glassman. “Sugar is hidden in items that don’t even taste sweet, like breads, condiments and sauces, which can add add up to extra calories that turn to fat fast. While you are at it, Glassman recommends taking out all refined and processed grains (that are essentially sugar!) like white bread and pasta.

6. Hydrate Sans Alcohol
Something as simple as drinking water can increase your metabolic rate, Glassman says. “So for the next month (or couple of weeks) leading up to Halloween, skip the caloric drinks (you'll save cals and sugar) and hydrate instead with club soda and lemon, herbal tea or plain water (staying hydrated makes your skin glow and may up your metabolic burn).

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