By Lindsay Dolak
Updated Aug 11, 2015 @ 6:45 pm
Credit: Getty Images

If there’s one thing that straight-haired girls know all too well it’s that when it comes to achieving easy, breezy waves, the struggle is real. The standard methods usually require a curling iron of some sort, and a heavy amount of product. But what if you want to unplug this summer, and skip all that face time battling strands in front of a mirror? We scored two heat-free methods from Mia Silverio, stylist at Paul Labrecque Salon and Spa in New York City, so you can achieve that effortless look without all the, well, effort.

For small, tighter waves: Try braids

Setting your hair in braids after washing is one way to achieve the look, says Silverio. She suggests letting hair air-dry about 80 percent of the way before parting it down the middle making two equal French braids. Then hit the sack. In the morning, unwind your strands and smooth them over with a bit of moisturizing serum to keep air-drying strands smooth, says Silverio, who likes Paul Labrecque Color Finish Polish & Seal Droplets ($24, The end result is tight waves that look more like well-spaced crimps than fallen curls.

For large, rolling waves: Try buns

For waves with a looser, more voluminous look, blow-dry until strands are about 80 percent dry. Then apply a hydrating lotion, like Bumble and Bumble’s Tonic Lotion ($22, to lock in moisture and help avoid breakage in the buns, and start your first bun at the crown of your head. “Twist the hair and use a hair pin to fasten, not a tie, so you don’t get any creases,” says Silverio. Divide hair into equal sections. “Depending on the thickness of your hair, you’ll have anywhere from four to seven buns on your head,” she says. For thicker hair, she suggests three buns in the front and four in the back to ensure an even wave throughout. If you have the time, let your hair finish air-drying in buns. If not, take a blow-drier to your chignons. Once dry, release and hit with a little hairspray so your waves don’t deflate on your way out the door.