How George Clooney Tricked Evan Rachel Wood into Jumping in a Pool at the Venice Film Festival

Evan Rachel Wood George Clooney Pool Prank
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You're nobody in Hollywood until George Clooney has punked you. Okay, so that's not an actual saying, but it might as well be. The famous prankster has gotten plenty of co-stars, including Evan Rachel Wood, who starred alongside him in 2011's political drama The Ides of March. The actress recalled how Clooney got the best of her during her visit to Conan on Wednesday night.

The Strange Magic star told host Conan O'Brien how, at the Venice Film Festival a few years ago—after belting out 4 Non Blondes's hit "What's Up?" at the event—Clooney convinced her that it was tradition that the cast jump into the pool. "I jumped in the pool in my gown ... and no one followed me," she said.

While the actress wasn't angry or embarrassed by the incident, she was eventually escorted out by security for her solo pool stunt. Even worse, "I had to return that dress to a designer. I don't think they knew until right now that that happened!"

Watch Evan Rachel Wood chat with Conan O'Brien in the clip below about George Clooney's Venice Film Festival stunt, as well as her love of all things karaoke with her friend Robin Wright.

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