How Game of Thrones Actors Feel About Our Fave Characters Dying

Every week, we hold our breath and cross our fingers that our favorite characters on Game of Thrones will live to see another day. Indeed, the number of kill-offs on the show are legion, and there’s no telling who will be next. We breathed a collective sigh of relief when Daenerys and Jon returned from their North-of-the-wall escapades last weekend, but one of the dragons (and Thoros of the man-bun) were not so lucky. And remember what happened to Olenna Tyrell a few weeks back? Cue the tears.

As we approach the season finale, actor Nicolaj Coster-Waldeau, who plays Jaime Lannister, spoke to Men’s Health about how the actors themselves feel about all the bloodshed—and letting go.

“Bye!” he laughed, when asked how the actors send off their departed comrades.

But it’s par for the course, Coster-Waldeau says. “When you follow a show and you love the characters and they die, it becomes a big deal because you’ve invested in these people,” he explains. “When you work on something, and especially as an actor, and especially when you’ve done this for as long as Diana [Rigg] has, that’s just the nature of what you do. You do a job and then it ends and then you do another job. Yeah, it can be sad if you’ve had a great relationship, but you’ll meet again later on. There’s not much emotional drama, to be honest.”

It’s ok, Jaime. We’ve got enough feels for all of you.

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