How to Fix a Hair Color Mishap! Lauren Conrad, This One's For You

Lauren Conrad Pink Hair
Photo: Courtesy Instagram/Lauren Conrad

When it comes to technicolor highlights, Lauren Conrad wears them like a pro—the star has donned blue and pink in hues the past, but her recent shift in shade wasn't planned at all. At a celebration for Holi, the Hindu festival of colors, Conrad's sunny strands picked up a little more of the vivid ceremonial pigment than expected, resulting in the pink tone she debuted on Instagram. While we think Conrad wears the tint well, we certainly sympathize with an accidental color-change. That's why we enlisted the help of hairstylist Joel Warren of Warren-Tricomi salons for a solution! His answer, in two parts:

IF YOU GO TO A SALON"When hair gets stained, the color goes into the cuticle and becomes hard to remove. We recommend a peroxide shampoo bath," Warren told exclusively. "At the salon, we put low-volume peroxide in a gentle shampoo and soak the hair until the stain comes out."

IF YOU D-I-Y ITNo time to book an appointment? Try your hand at it from home. "You can do the same process at home—just buy a bottle of 20 volume peroxide, and add it to shampoo," Warren advised. "Keep checking every five minutes, wash out, then reapply if necessary." Crisis averted!

Plus, see tips for wearing high-impact hair color in our gallery.

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