Broken Nail - Lead
Credit: Courtesy (3); Getty Images

Though the initial reaction to a broken nail would be to cut the rest of your digits down to size for a more uniform appearance, doing so can be tricky if the split happens thisclose to the nail bed—or if you're like us, don't want to sacrifice the lengthy talons you've worked so hard to achieve. Who knew the ultimate remedy would lie within that box of Lipton tea bags shoved in your cupboard? The filter paper used to create the bags is porous and thin so that water can flow through, but is durable enough so that the tea leaves don't escape, making it perfect for temporarily fixing your cracked nail.

To patch things up, pick up a nail file like Sephora's Crystal version ($10; and remove any rough edges around the break, then follow with your favorite base coat. We love Ciaté Nail Tonic ($17; Empty the tea bag, and use a pair of nail scissors to cut a strip large enough to cover the broken portion—a coffee filter also works if you're in a pinch. While the lacquer is still slightly wet, press the strip of paper over the split, and swipe two or three additional coats on top. Allow the nail to dry, then conceal everything with an opaque nail color like Smith & Cult's trendy Beat Street hue ($18; Voilà!