Tan Lines - Lead
Credit: Courtesy (4); Time Inc. Digital Studios

Whether or not you were making an attempt at a bronzy glow, extra time spent in the sun can often result in some unwanted tan lines. Sure, a few are expected after a beach day, but the end result doesn't exactly pair well with that strapless number you've been eager to break out—or if you have bride and bridesmaid duties on the horizon. Avoid the temptation to hit up the tanning bed, and instead, try out our foolproof method for fading and concealing those contrasting lines. Start by picking up a heavy-duty body exfoliator, like Clinique's Sparkle Skin ($26;, and work it in circular motions over the most-noticeable areas. Exfoliating will help to slough away some of the color and soften the overall appearance.

Then, pick up a dome-tipped blending brush like Jenny Patinkin's ($34; and dip it into Vita Liberata's Trystal Self-Tanning Bronzing Minerals ($45;, and lightly brush the formula onto the affected area. Of course, a traditional bronzer will work if you're in a pinch, but Vita Liberata's formula includes DHA in the powder—a.k.a. the same active ingredient in your self tanner that helps you achieve bronzed goddess status—so it won't rub off on your clothes, and will last for five days. You can also try using Tanee's Tan Line Correcting Pen ($6; to target an ultra-thin area, just be sure to buff out the area with a brush or BeautyBlender sponge ($20; afterwards. Once you've finished, do a quick pass with a kabuki brush and the Bronzing Minerals over both the tan line and your own skin to ensure a completely even tone.