Credit: Lichfield/Getty

Marista Reyes asked: "I want to change the style of my eyebrows...I want the glamour look! Is there a product that could help me?"

The good news is that bigger, bushier, Brooke Shields-inspired brows are totally in—and enhancing your brows is much more risk-free than tweezing. To play with the dramatic look, pick up a brow powder or a matte eye shadow in a shade darker than your natural brows. Swab on with a soft brush to fill and shape your brow, then run a clean mascara wand through to distribute the powder evenly. (It makes the entire look realistic—trust us!) Be sure to follow your natural arch, and as a rule of thumb, only fill below, not above, your brow. If you're really serious about revamping your look, consider investing in a brow kit like the Christi Harris Precision Brow Planing System ($39.95,, which has a variety of specialized powders and brushes, plus a fibrous cream that helps thicken sparse brows. And keep the questions coming at