Job Interview Beauty - Lead
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With the ensemble for your job interview all set, the next step is to determine what to do with your hair and makeup, which can be a task in itself. Should you stick with your everyday look, or go for a polished businesswoman aesthetic? Is lip color considered professional? How much eye makeup is too much? "It is said that an employer sums you up in the first 30 seconds of seeing you, so putting your best face forward on a job interview is crucial," makeup artist and hairstylist Abraham Sprinkle tells InStyle. "In putting together your interview look, it's important to have balance. Being too overdone can come across as high maintenance, while being too undone can suggest a lack of caring." Sprinkle recommends opting for a lightweight foundation that doesn't appear obvious, and in lieu of a too-pale or fire engine red lipstick, go for a sheer stain that provides just enough color. "A pale lip can translate as weak, whereas a bright red can be intimidating. A soft stain gives nice polish without being overbearing," he says. "If eyes are your focus, stick to a classic look and avoid trends at all costs. Matte shadows in tones naturally found in skin are foolproof, and always make the eye look alive." Last but certainly not least, fill in and groom your brows appropriately. "A groomed brow is like a little black dress that never lets you down," Sprinkle adds. If you're the type to raise your arches during conversation, this brings more attention to that area in particular.

As for your hair, continue sticking to the "less is more" mantra in the styling department, but try to get your color touched up prior to the interview. "Make sure that your roots are a result of trend and not laziness, this is key with looks like ombre," says Sprinkle. "Light, face-framing balayage or highlights will bring dimension to the face without overpowering the whole look." As with makeup, go the classic route with a low pony, soft blowout, or a bun, and steer clear of any updos that appear too structured, like a french twist. Those with shorter strands should go easy on products like styling gels or pomades, and a little hair serum goes a long way on all lengths for its ability to give off a healthy shine. "If you decide to wear your hair up, try something like a braided bun to give a good balance between polished and relaxed," he adds. "Anything that translates into approachable without trying too hard will get your foot farther into that door." Not to mention, won't tip off your current boss the true nature behind your, ahem, "dentist's appointment."

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